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Answers for Levels Containing "Are"

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Which one of these are unnecessary?

Select the toothpaste at the top.


How many balls are below?

Tap the top left bubble and the middle bottom bubble to pop them and select 4.


One of the bottles is full of water. Others are empty. Find the full one.

Put all the bottles in the fridge.


How many four-leaf clovers are there?



How many wheels are there?



You know what you are doing, right?

Match the wheel with the car, the chicken with the chick, the lighter with the fire, and the world with the moon.


The cheerleader was late for the game. Help her to get prepared.

Move the sun to reveal pom-poms and move it to the cheerleader. Then using two fingers, swipe open the pom-pom to make one for each hand.


The driver's crush, a doctor and an elderly man are waiting at the bus stop. What should he do? There are only 2 seats!

Swipe up on the driver so he gets out of the car. Then, move the doctor and elderly man to the car.


Help raise awareness of the upcoming hazard!

Draw a triangle on top of the pole.


Prepare the pizza ready to be served.

Tap the top drawer on the left then use the pizza cutter to slice the pizza.


How many numbers(digit) are there?






Where are the slippers



How many tails are there on the screen?



How many 😫 are there?



How many gray pieces are there?

Move the black bar in between the two gray squares in the middle and select 6.


Hey, you made all drinks for me, but Emma and Max are drinking it. Who's who?

Put the names in this order: Max - Bob - Emma


How many quadrilaterals are below?



How many squares are the same color as square "A"?

Move square "A" around to compare the color of the other squares until 4 yellow checkmarks appear showing that there are 4 squares of the same color.


Help me pour my tea. Be careful, it might be hot!

Draw a handle on the back of the tea kettle then swipe up on it to pour it.


There are 3 chickens in a farm and doubling the number of hens each day. How many chickens would there be on the 4th day?


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