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    Top Free Word Games July 2024

    These word games offer diverse challenges for your brain. From decoding quotes to word searches and logic puzzles, they cater to all skill levels, providing relaxation and mental stimulation.

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    Texting Acronyms and Abbreviations: A Quick Overview

    In the digital age, communication underwent a profound transformation. The rise of texting and instant messaging transformed how we communicate, making it faster and more efficient.

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    Find All the Answers for Zen Word!

    Zen Word is now on Word Cheats! With this new tool, you can get all the answers for this fun new word game.

Game Requests

Don't see a game we offer support for? Word Cheats has the option to let you request games so you can help us help you! Head over to the Game Requests page to submit a game and vote on current ones.


Word Cheats is an extensive tool for everything related to words and cheats for word games. There are many unique features to explore that will help you build your vocabulary, win at word games, and more. Our purpose is to provide the very best way to learn more about words and how to use them when playing games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, and more.

Word Cheats has many different word solvers specifically made for certain games. This ensures to get the best score for each game when they go off different dictionaries and ways to score words. Our most popular solvers are our Words With Friends cheat and Scrabble cheat which are super simple tools to get the highest score. Some other popular tools we have are our Dingbats Answers tool and our Braindom Answers tool.

Our word finders also have the option for advanced filters like if the word starts with, ends with, and contains certain letters. All you have to do is type in the letters you want to unscramble, tap on advanced filters, add whichever letters necessary, and press the search button.

Then, it will show a list of words that can be made from those letters with its length and value of points. By default, it displays 10 words from the highest value to the lowest. But, you can select the number of results shown with the advanced options when searching.

There are also many resources to use related to words. We have a huge amount of word lists to help learn new words and reference what can be used. These lists are helpful to find words that start with a certain letter, have a certain length, and more.

If you're needing a general tool for games we don't support, check out our generalized Word Unscrambler. This tool will unscramble letters you give it while using a generic English dictionary. Check it out!

We also have some excellent tools including a random password generator, word counter, and more you can find on the tools page. Along with the word lists these can all be found in the navigation menu at the top.

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