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Definitions & Words

  • Smear the frying pan with __ before cooking - LARD
  • A kind of music which is perfect for dancing - HOUSE
  • It is often combined with sneezing and a runny nose - COUGH
  • It's really hard to meet your __ expectations - LOFTY
  • I'm so annoyed with our __ neighbors - NOISY
  • This device helps to prevent overheating in a motor - CUTOUT
  • Relatively new or fresh - RECENT
  • A disease with throat pains - ANGINA
  • This mall has a lovely shopping __ - ARCADE
  • This is a beautiful beach __ in the center of Phuket - RESORT
  • Transportation - HAULING
  • One item was faulty, I'll have to __ it - REORDER
  • A short video telling you about the current events - NEWSREEL
  • It was really hard for the boat to move __ - WINDWARD
  • They are planning to __ accounting and logistics operations - OUTSOURCE

Here are all 15 answers for Figgerits Level 376 in Music. The full phrase comes out to be "Croatia has a distinction of housing the only sea organ in the world. This architectural sound object plays music when hit by sea waves through tubes which are located under large marble steps."

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