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Definitions & Words

  • If you are not an adult, you have this - CURFEW
  • Synonym of memento - KEEPSAKE
  • Many people believe in the ___ of marriage - SANCTITY
  • Smells bad and makes you sick - NOXIOUS
  • Tom was ___ injured when he hit his foot with the axe - SEVERELY
  • A person generally ___ greatness through hard work - ACHIEVES
  • What does a dog usually wear? - COLLAR
  • Opposite of strength - WEAKNESS
  • What does an astrologer use to tell your fortune? - HOROSCOPE
  • He's not the champion yet, but he is a ___ - CONTENDER
  • Antonym of cautious - FOOLHARDY
  • A penguin looks like it's wearing this - TUXEDO
  • I'm just a beginner, so I'm a ___ - NEOPHYTE
  • To find or mark the exact location of something - PINPOINT
  • What is the act of performing a specific plan? - EXECUTION
  • This is often done to a sheet of paper before tossing it - CRINKLE

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 373 in Economics & Politics. The full phrase comes out to be "The income gap between poor and rich countries is possible not because of the differences in salaries, but because of immigration controls. Otherwise, the poor workforce would have already supplanted the expensive one."

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