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Definitions & Words

  • Two peas in a ___ - POD
  • Bring water to a ___ - BOIL
  • When the fox preaches, take care of your ___ - GEESE
  • Having knowledge or understanding of the situation (adj.) - AWARE
  • ___ dot is a type of decorative pattern - POLKA
  • Device used in the 90s to connect to the Internet - MODEM
  • Evil spirits - DEMONS
  • Refuse to acknowledge - IGNORE
  • Archer - BOWMAN
  • The company made significant ___ into the Asian markets - INROADS
  • ___ are yellow fruit that grow in bunches - BANANAS
  • Substance that stimulates an immune response - ANTIGEN
  • Hydrogen nitride, widely used fertilizer - AMMONIA
  • Brandy distilled from hard cider - APPLEJACK
  • Steel gloves - GAUNTLETS

Here are all 15 answers for Figgerits Level 486 in Sports. The full phrase comes out to be "Major League Baseball umpires are obliged to wear black underwear during games, in case their trousers split."

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