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Definitions & Words

  • Someone with the gold medal - WINNER
  • Who can grant pardons? - PRESIDENT
  • Beauty's sister is __ - VANITY
  • Human-like robot - ANDROID
  • Study of heredity - GENETICS
  • (syn.) Insane, unhinged - DERANGED
  • Large chamber - CAVERN
  • With you here, even this ordeal seems __ - BEARABLE
  • There are 100 of them in the United States - SENATOR
  • (syn.) Wrinkled, crumbled - CRINKLY
  • Pirates' alcohol - GIN
  • Bird with a beautiful tail - PEACOCK
  • (syn.) Outlaw, criminal - BANDIT
  • To settle safely - ENSCONCE
  • (3rd person) To give to charity - DONATES
  • To rescue or preserve - SAVE
  • (past tense) To respond - ANSWERED

Here are all 17 answers for Figgerits Level 222 in Fauna. The full phrase comes out to be "Donkeys are instinctively aggressive towards canines, and are capable of crushing and killing them with their legs and teeth."

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