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Definitions & Words

  • Chicken or gold ___ - NUGGET
  • That old decrepit building is a real ___ - EYESORE
  • I was framed! I am ___! - INNOCENT
  • There stood three ladies and one ___ - GENTLEMAN
  • Green nut in a hard shell - PISTACHIO
  • Without favoritism (adj.) - IMPARTIAL
  • Lard, fat, oil - GREASE
  • Prestige, superior status - CACHET
  • Aromatic herb similar to cilantro - PARSLEY
  • This ___ ring has been with the family for generations - HEIRLOOM
  • Wolf-like (adj.) - LUPINE
  • A ___ was brewing against the ship's captain - MUTINY
  • You do this with the mouthwash - GARGLE
  • To crease, wrinkle - RUMPLE
  • The "joke" had no ___ - PUNCHLINE
  • Outcome, result, conclusion - UPSHOT

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 354 in Food Facts. The full phrase comes out to be "Although goat meat is not particularly popular in many cultures, it is the most consumed red meat in the world. Around 70% of all the red meat people consume is goat meat."

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