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Definitions & Words

  • To bother, disturb, badger - HARASS
  • Between cold and warm - COOL
  • Genetically identical copy - CLONE
  • To book a vacation, we went to a travel ___ - AGENT
  • What does a philatelist collect? (plural) - STAMPS
  • Her dog ___ at strangers, but does not bark - GROWLS
  • "___ a trois" - MENAGE
  • Airbags ___ instantaneously on impact - INFLATE
  • ___ camera is a very simple device without a lens - PINHOLE
  • Fast, agile, quick - SWIFT
  • An elaborate poetic image or comparison - CONCEIT
  • To thaw - DEFROST
  • What are the most popular edible tubers? (plural) - POTATOES
  • They're rich and lead a very ___ lifestyle - LAVISH
  • Device for walking on the snow resembling a racket - SNOWSHOE
  • (adj.) having a great beauty, scale, or dignity - MAJESTIC
  • Intense ___ have engulfed the forests - WILDFIRES

Here are all 17 answers for Figgerits Level 356 in Economics & Politics. The full phrase comes out to be "Japan has one of the highest densities of vending machines in the world, with one for every 40 people in the country."

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