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Definitions & Words

  • This is a ___ deal - DONE
  • A symbol used to identify a brand, product, organization - LOGO
  • Great merriment and delight - GLEE
  • The mentor gave his disciples ___ advice - SAGE
  • A highly desirable job or a fruit (plural) - PLUMS
  • Volcanoes ___ ash and lava - SPOUT
  • The pig says - OINK
  • To love intensely - ADORE
  • Coal ___ can be dangerous - MINING
  • ___ the charger when you're finished - UNPLUG
  • Casual pants - SLACKS
  • Ten years - DECADE
  • Emma is the best ___ in class - STUDENT
  • Jack's favorite ___ is playing video games - PASTIME
  • They have ___ carried out every president's order - LOYALLY
  • (adj.) Eerie, uncanny, out of this world - UNEARTHLY
  • Source of natural illumination at night - STARLIGHT

Here are all 17 answers for Figgerits Level 355 in Economics & Politics. The full phrase comes out to be "Alaska pays each resident a guaranteed income — dividends out of oil revenues."

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