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Definitions & Words

  • She sank the ___ into the well - BUCKET
  • An agenda - DOCKET
  • Try not to ___ while sitting, it's bad for your back - SLOUCH
  • Bright and attractive, but of poor quality - TAWDRY
  • To cover and protect something - SHEATHE
  • Warm spiced beer or wine - WASSAIL
  • This restaurant offers traditional French ___ - CUISINE
  • Her mum isn't happy when she ___ her toys all over the floor - SCATTERS
  • Making sense and easy to understand - COHERENT
  • It supports a wall - BUTTRESS
  • The decision you'll make is ___ important for your future - CRUCIALLY
  • Similar to "disrupt" - DISLOCATE
  • Regulated by laws - STATUTORY
  • We'll try to spread the extra ___ on all the employees - WORKLOAD
  • The opposite of "simple" - TRICKY
  • To drizzle - DRIBBLE

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 519 in Planet Earth. The full phrase comes out to be "Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world. It is located in Russian Siberia and has the average winter temperature of around -50° C (-58° F). The lowest temperature ever recorded there was -64.4° C (-83.9° F)."

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