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Definitions & Words

  • To change (the Constitution) - AMEND
  • __ Hatter in Wonderland - MAD
  • (syn.) To belittle, depreciate - DIMINISH
  • She had an __ normal life, but had a dark secret in the past - OUTWARDLY
  • How do they describe a modest woman? - DEMURE
  • The Mackintosh is a type of __ - RAINCOAT
  • The dog __ her head in confusion - TILTED
  • That was a __ joke, I couldn't stop laughing - HILARIOUS
  • To handle skillfully - WIELD
  • (syn.) With two left feet - CLUMSY
  • Thin, with protruding bones - SCRAWNY
  • What do they call a purple gem? - AMETHYST
  • (past tense) To eat dinner - DINED

Here are all 13 answers for Figgerits Level 198 in Space. The full phrase comes out to be "The second man to ever step on the Moon is Buzz Aldrin. Curiously, "Moon" was his mother's maiden name."

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