Figgerits Fauna Level 296

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Definitions & Words

  • She just does it for __ - FUN
  • Ship stop; strong wine - PORT
  • Which instrument did Hong Gil-dong play? - FLUTE
  • I think I passed this job __ - INTERVIEW
  • Science of nerves - NEUROLOGY
  • Don't __ around me like that, go do something useful! - HOVER
  • Not informed - UNAWARE
  • The ocean is extremely __ nowadays - POLLUTED
  • Depressed neighborhood - GHETTO
  • Always complaining - WHINY
  • (syn.) Obvious, clear - APPARENT
  • To eat greedily - DEVOUR
  • She is a successful college __ - DROPOUT
  • Responsible for doing something bad - GUILTY
  • To adjust the piano - TUNE
  • Round serving object - TRAY

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 296 in Fauna. The full phrase comes out to be "Snow leopards have never killed or attacked a person because they are very shy and would prefer to run away even if you interrupted their feeding."

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