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Definitions & Words

  • Need for water - THIRST
  • You can't see the forest for the __ - TREES
  • He's __ those boots again! - WEARING
  • Finally, I found the __ sheep - STRAYING
  • (plural) North American grassland - PRAIRIES
  • Sometimes it's best to bite your __ - TONGUE
  • (syn.) To stagger, astonish - ASTOUND
  • He was looking for a __ in crime - PARTNER
  • This singer is an international __ - SUPERSTAR
  • Whaling spear - HARPOON
  • Renewal of interest - REVIVAL
  • I try to __ myself with good people - SURROUND
  • Large platform in a theater - STAGE
  • Nature vs. __ - NURTURE
  • Suggestive remark - INNUENDO
  • In a frivolous manner - TRIVIALLY
  • (syn.) Bumpy, rocky, uneven - RUGGED
  • Cleansing liquid - DETERGENT
  • Bulky and hefty but also important - WEIGHTY

Here are all 19 answers for Figgerits Level 298 in Fauna. The full phrase comes out to be "Musth is a natural phenomenon in bull elephants which is characterized by increased reproduction hormones. During this period, elephants are always very aggressive and dangerous, killing up to 500 people a year."

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