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Definitions & Words

  • In Parliament: __ 180, Noes 50 - AYES
  • To harbor a grudge - RESENT
  • (syn.) To unite, integrate - COMBINE
  • Powder after burning something - ASH
  • (syn.) To refurbish, make over - RENOVATE
  • State of being neither asleep nor awake - HYPNOSIS
  • (syn.) To understand, comprehend - SAVVY
  • Someone's prime - HEYDAY
  • Please check it and tell me if anything is __ - AMISS
  • Irrational and persistent fear - PHOBIA
  • To her __, she failed the exam - DISMAY
  • (syn.) To fix, mend - RESTORE
  • Bank __, coal __, refundable __ - DEPOSIT
  • To try scaring an animal off - SHOO
  • __ and Eros - PSYCHE
  • (syn.) To leave, evacuate - VACATE
  • Animals that undergo metamorphosis - AMPHIBIAN
  • To provide commentary on book - ANNOTATE

Here are all 18 answers for Figgerits Level 299 in Fauna. The full phrase comes out to be "Cheetahs in captivity tend to be very stressed and too shy to mate. That's why many enclosures with cheetahs have dogs in them, assigned by the zoo for emotional support and socialization of cheetahs."

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