Figgerits Economics & Politics Level 358

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Definitions & Words

  • The ___ is in the pudding - PROOF
  • 5x10 - FIFTY
  • She has no ___ in my cooking skills - FAITH
  • An amount of time - PERIOD
  • Do unto ___ as you would have them do unto you - OTHERS
  • Rain ___ are in danger due to the climate change - FORESTS
  • Art critics have been singing ___ to this young up-and-comer - PRAISES
  • To make an offer of marriage - PROPOSE
  • Socks, stockings, tights - HOSIERY
  • The helicopter was equipped with several gun ___ - TURRETS
  • Dubious claims must be ___ - VERIFIED
  • Someone easily influenced or taken advantage of - PUSHOVER
  • ___ to heaven - STAIRWAY
  • Courage to overcome in the face of adversity - FORTITUDE
  • To promote a product or service - ADVERTISE

Here are all 15 answers for Figgerits Level 358 in Economics & Politics. The full phrase comes out to be "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

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