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Definitions & Words

  • She was like a __ with two tails when she got promoted - DOG
  • A person who interacts with a PC or a smartphone - USER
  • Wheels do it - SPIN
  • A small and annoying insect - GNAT
  • To change something - ALTER
  • A yummy small reward for a pet - TREAT
  • In a cheerful and joyful way - GAILY
  • A synonym for "pleased" - HAPPY
  • Soft ice cream has them - SWIRLS
  • To lift something to a higher level - UPRAISE
  • Something that leads to a conflict - WARPATH
  • Not relevant anymore - OUTDATED
  • A quality in painting and music - TONALITY
  • Flowers and herbs that are used to perfume the room - POTPOURRI
  • It is formed by adding different elements - AGGREGATE

Here are all 15 answers for Figgerits Level 557 in Entertainment. The full phrase comes out to be "The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles originally spelled out "Hollywoodland" when it was first erected in 1923. The sign was created as a real-estate advertisement."

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