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Definitions & Words

  • Cat's hand - PAW
  • (plural) Attempts or efforts - TRIES
  • To emphasize, accentuate - HIGHLIGHT
  • A language and a snake - PYTHON
  • If you can meet with __ and disaster - TRIUMPH
  • (plural) Powers to do something - ABILITIES
  • Empty inside - HOLLOW
  • Car for celebrities - LIMOUSINE
  • (syn.) Meager, inadequate, scant - PALTRY
  • St. Stephen or Martin Luther King Jr. - MARTYR
  • Healing session - THERAPY
  • She sells them by the seashore - SEASHELLS
  • Female from a pride - LIONESS
  • Wrinkled or crushed - CRUMPLED
  • After this mistake, I was __ on the spot - SACKED
  • Totally exhausted - WEARY

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 68 in Historical facts. The full phrase comes out to be "Pilgrims with buckled hats is another popular myth from the 19th century."

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