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Definitions & Words

  • The __ of the matter is, you were wrong - TRUTH
  • Severe, serious and grim - STERN
  • (syn.) Inheritance - HERITAGE
  • To bring up kids that aren't yours - FOSTER
  • Trading place, market - MART
  • (syn.) Genuine, sincere - HEARTFELT
  • Type of navy vessel - FRIGATE
  • Don't __ my boundaries - OVERSTEP
  • Common spot for fishing - WHARF
  • (syn.) To annoy, anger, irritate - RANKLE
  • Germany __ the Soviet Union - INVADED
  • To speak softly - WHISPER
  • Not very different from everyone else - AVERAGE
  • (plural) Necessary item at a carnival - MASKS
  • There is no __ of food in my household - SHORTAGE
  • Place next to a watercourse - RIVERSIDE
  • (plural) Swollen bags in the lower eyelid area - FESTOONS
  • To turn into steam - EVAPORATE
  • (adj.) Fish living in the sea - SALTWATER

Here are all 19 answers for Figgerits Level 210 in Great Minds. The full phrase comes out to be "All our discontents about what we want appeared to spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have."

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