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Definitions & Words

  • __ noodles; __ reaction; __ coffee - INSTANT
  • Which animal pees out of its face? - LOBSTER
  • Faint glow - GLIMMER
  • (syn.) To bully, terrorize - BROWBEAT
  • Extreme fatigue - WEARINESS
  • (plural) Memos, reminders - NOTES
  • You need to mind your shoes while standing on it - ESCALATOR
  • Let's __ the subject of salaries now - BROACH
  • To acquire in advance - PREEMPT
  • Conclusion based on reasoning - INFERENCE
  • A really strange guy - WEIRDO
  • Distance covered - MILEAGE
  • Money paid for bad parking - FINE
  • (past tense) To remove, erase - DELETED

Here are all 14 answers for Figgerits Level 211 in Historical facts. The full phrase comes out to be "The corsets of the Victorian era were so tight and worn for such a long period of time that the compressed ribs left indentations in the internal organs of women."

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