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Definitions & Words

  • April 1 awardee - FOOL
  • The key part of cappuccino - FOAM
  • She talked in a bell-like __ voice - SINGSONG
  • With no restriction - FREELY
  • Hawaiian and Mexican fruit - PAPAYA
  • Another word for "speed" - VELOCITY
  • There's still a lot of __ for improvement - ROOM
  • Relating to nerves - NEURAL
  • We will start a new era, free of the __ of the past - VESTIGES
  • Official pardon by the government - AMNESTY
  • He left, his robes __ behind him - BILLOWING
  • I would never __ violence - CONDONE
  • (syn.) Attractive, beautiful - LOVELY
  • (plural) Arm muscles - BICEPS
  • Shaky, about to collapse - WOBBLY
  • Small controlled flame - CANDLE
  • To rush, make haste - HURRY

Here are all 17 answers for Figgerits Level 212 in Historical facts. The full phrase comes out to be "Albert Einstein was emphatically unfaithful to his wife and believed that monogamy imposed by society was harmful for everyone involved."

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