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Definitions & Words

  • Folklore dwarf - GNOME
  • Copper + zinc - BRASS
  • This company is __ with funds - FLUSH
  • To smile toothily - BEAM
  • Free of suspicion - TRUSTFUL
  • What is the first step before getting married? - BETROTHAL
  • The Prime Minister will conduct a cabinet __ soon - RESHUFFLE
  • Pungent emissions - FUMES
  • Male deer - BUCK
  • Court official - BAILIFF
  • Device against vampires - CROSS
  • I won't __ my personal life for work - FORSAKE
  • Does it __ that thick skull of yours? - PENETRATE
  • A group of these animals is called a business - FERRET
  • Bony fish with the strongest bite - PIRANHA
  • Slow-witted person - MORON

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 214 in Historical facts. The full phrase comes out to be "During the First World War, the French built a fake Paris to confuse German bombers. It was a huge project with replicas of all the important landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower."

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