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Definitions & Words

  • Computer mistake - ERROR
  • Decorative trinket - ORNAMENT
  • She glared at him, her face was like __ - THUNDER
  • To delay because of unwillingness - STALL
  • He ignored me as if I was an __ object - INANIMATE
  • His __ appearance was very different from his personality - OUTWARD
  • (syn.) Poor, destitute - INDIGENT
  • He managed to win by a small __ - MARGIN
  • (syn.) To advance, encourage - PROMOTE
  • Another word for "prison officer" - WARDEN
  • Protective method for certain frogs and spiders - VENOM
  • What is the symbol of good luck? - HORSESHOE
  • A collar with many folds - RUFF
  • (syn.) Editing, correction - REVISION
  • A TV program and a bar - SOAP
  • (syn.) Connection - RELATION

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 300 in Space. The full phrase comes out to be "When a massive star explodes, its core forms a neutron planet which is so dense that a teaspoon of its material weighs more than Mount Everest."

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