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Definitions & Words

  • Wording on a coat of arms - MOTTO
  • (syn.) Tip, remark - HINT
  • Mythical dwarf - GNOME
  • He has __ about befriending his subordinates - SCRUPLES
  • Artwork with different pieces stuck on - COLLAGE
  • The kid is __ in his room and won't come out - SULKING
  • Weapon for throwing stones - CATAPULT
  • Winter racing vehicle - BOBSLED
  • She wanted to be a __ observer in this situation - DETACHED
  • Which kind of voice did Michael Jackson have? - FALSETTO
  • The collapse was a major __ for the entire industry - SETBACK
  • (syn.) Heartless, unfeeling - CALLOUS
  • The suitcase __ down the stairs - TUMBLED
  • Without any boundaries - INFINITE

Here are all 14 answers for Figgerits Level 303 in Space. The full phrase comes out to be "Almost all hydrogen atoms were formed during the Big Bang 13,7 billion years ago, and as we carry hydrogen atoms in our bodies, at least some part of us dates back to the beginning of time."

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