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Definitions & Words

  • An unexpected or sudden event - SURPRISE
  • Not visible - HIDDEN
  • Large part of the face - FOREHEAD
  • Important or outstanding - PROMINENT
  • Derisive look or sarcastic smile - SNEER
  • Philosophy that puts people in the center - HUMANISM
  • Describing a permanent attribute - INHERENT
  • Person checking accounts - AUDITOR
  • Person pursuing pleasure - HEDONIST
  • Extreme and constant fear - PARANOIA
  • Pattern of symptoms - SYNDROME
  • Proven or sampled - TESTED
  • Sacred chant - MANTRA
  • Calm or stoic - PATIENT

Here are all 14 answers for Figgerits Level 34 in Space. The full phrase comes out to be "Photons remain trapped inside the Sun for ten thousand years, at least."

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