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Definitions & Words

  • A type of weave that results in smooth and glossy fabric - SATIN
  • In joy and __ - SORROW
  • A collar with many folds - RUFF
  • At the beach, I'm either barefoot or wear ___ - SANDALS
  • Cautious - WARY
  • He had a manly face but a ___, ebullient laughter - GIRLISH
  • What do we call pattern cloth used for Scottish kilts? - TARTAN
  • Settle down, get a job, stop living like a ___ - VAGRANT
  • She is a ___, drawing political cartoons for a local paper - SATIRIST
  • Sign your __ here and here! - INITIALS
  • I am ___ at this injustice! - INDIGNANT
  • The car was pulled over because of the broken ___ - TAILLIGHT

Here are all 12 answers for Figgerits Level 359 in Economics & Politics. The full phrase comes out to be "If you want a high living standard, you have to settle for a low quality of life."

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