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Definitions & Words

  • A refreshing place in the desert - OASIS
  • Things that are ___ were popular back in the day - CLASSIC
  • What finger is opposite from your thumb? - PINKIE
  • Opposite of obvious - SUBTLE
  • When there is high humidity, the air feels ___ - MUGGY
  • ( adj.) People who do difficult and skillful physical things - ACROBATIC
  • What do traitors do to their country? (verb) - BETRAY
  • You should ___ the burned eggs off the pan before cleaning - SCRAPE
  • A talking head on TV is usually a ___ about the subject - PUNDIT
  • Synonym of mistake - BLUNDER
  • A fishing boat that drags a net behind it is called what? - TRAWLER
  • The measure of how far Boston is from Los Angeles - DISTANCE
  • I ___ this song to my late Aunt Edna. - DEDICATE
  • The female who brings you your drinks and food - WAITRESS
  • What is the condition of memory loss when getting old? - SENILITY
  • Similar to prototype, but more of a design - BLUEPRINT
  • Your ___ leaves your house a mess - INDOLENCE

Here are all 17 answers for Figgerits Level 360 in Sports. The full phrase comes out to be "Wimbledon tennis balls are kept at twenty degrees Celsius. The temperature of a tennis ball affects how it bounces."

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