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Definitions & Words

  • This book __ all the information that you need - CONTAINS
  • Mock attack - FEINT
  • Red head covering in a fairy tale - HOOD
  • __ movement, __ of slavery - ABOLITION
  • Nicotine source - TOBACCO
  • To gasp for air heavily - PAT
  • (syn.) Unspoken, implicit - TACIT
  • Female fowl - HEN
  • To abstain from alcohol - TEETOTAL
  • (syn.) To filter, strain - PERCOLATE
  • Are we ignoring the __ in the room? - ELEPHANT
  • New version of a book - EDITION
  • Organ for fetus - PLACENTA
  • Process of getting a virus - INFECTION
  • Which doctor are kids most afraid of? - DENTIST
  • Vandalized, disfigured - DEFACED
  • One of these pills is medicine, the other is just a __ - PLACEBO
  • What do you grab to avoid falling down the stairs? - HANDRAIL
  • From that point on - THENCE

Here are all 19 answers for Figgerits Level 234 in Fauna. The full phrase comes out to be "Orcas are at the top of the food chain in the ocean and are capable of hunting and killing whales and sharks. They have been known to murder sea animals for no other reason other than enjoyment."

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