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Definitions & Words

  • Perfectly rhymes with jiggle - WIGGLE
  • This cured sausage first came from Italy - SALAMI
  • A roar or a deep sound made by a large animal - BELLOW
  • Don't ___ your fist when taking your blood pressure - CLENCH
  • These beans are high in protein and fiber and low in fat - LENTILS
  • Troublesome or constituting a burden is called ___ - ONEROUS
  • A woman that plays roles in movies - ACTRESS
  • The opposite of poetic - PROSAIC
  • When something is perfectly clean - SPOTLESS
  • It's an X-axis - ABSCISSA
  • When a person agrees to give up something - FORSWEAR
  • An extremely rich individual - OLIGARCH
  • Make someone feel shameful about themselves - HUMILIATE
  • This test job period lasts from 3-6 months - PROBATION
  • To take someone to court - PROSECUTE
  • A person whose jokes might seem rude (adj.) - FACETIOUS

Here are all 16 answers for Figgerits Level 436 in Flora. The full phrase comes out to be "The oldest living organism on Earth is actually a plant. It is a bristlecone pine that grows in southeastern California's White Mountains, which has been estimated to be around 4,841 years old."

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